Pierre Palmade is in prison? Why Palmade news is circulating daily
February 26, 2023

Pierre Palmade is in prison? Why Palmade news is circulating daily

Pierre Palmade is in prison? Why Palmade news is circulating daily?

French comedian Pierre Palmade is facing charges for causing a tragic head-on collision while under the influence of cocaine. The accident, which took place on February 10, 2023, resulted in severe injuries to three individuals, including a pregnant woman who lost her baby. Palmade was admitted to intensive care but has since stabilized. The popular actor has been candid about his struggles with drug addiction, which have been well documented for years.

Pierre Palmade is in prison?

Pierre Palmade is in prison? As investigations continue, Palmade suffered a mild stroke on February 25, 2023, while under house arrest at the hospital. The stroke occurred as he awaits a decision on whether he will be incarcerated, which the investigating chamber of the Paris Court of Appeal must decide on February 27, 2023. Palmade is currently under electronic bracelet surveillance in the curative service of the Paul Brousse hospital in Villejuif (Val-de-Marne).

Why Palmade news is circulating daily
Pierre Palmade is in prison? Why Palmade news is circulating daily


According to Dominique Rizet, a consultant on BFM TV, it is unlikely that Palmade will be imprisoned due to his stroke, which requires medical treatment and may not be compatible with interrogations. In any case, it is rare for someone to be placed in prison for this type of offense.

Palmade and child pornography

In addition to the collisions charges, a judicial investigation has been opened against Palmade for possession of child pornography images. The investigation was initiated by the public prosecutor, and the case is now with an examining magistrate. Two of Palmade’s relatives were placed in police custody, with one being indicted for dissemination and possession of child pornography images and the other being released.

Why Palmade news is circulating daily

The incidents surrounding Palmade have sparked debates around drug-driving and the need for more frequent controls. Despite his fame, the family affected by the incidents has declined Palmade’s apology and has urged for him to be treated no differently from anyone else in a legal context. Meanwhile, Palmade’s sister has expressed his deep remorse and acceptance of the consequences of his actions.

Pierre Palmade is facing further troubles

Pierre Palmade is facing some further legal troubles after being accused of possessing child pornography. The famous French actor, who recently caused a serious road accident while under the influence of cocaine, had his apartment in Paris’ 3rd arrondissement searched by police on Sunday, February 19, following a tip-off from an unidentified individual. Authorities seized several bags of Palmade’s personal belongings and a computer for analysis by specialists during the investigation. Police have confirmed that they are examining the validity of the allegations and have ten days to complete their probe. If found guilty, Palmade could face a maximum prison sentence of five years in the jail and a grand fine of €75,000.


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